Comic Book Shower Curtain

Comic Book Shower Curtain | During most bathroom fix up projects you can where you’ll want to think about shower curtain rods. When you have measured to obtain the correct size and so are ready to go shopping you will have a few options. Your first choice is going to be what type of rod that you might want either permanent or temporary. Which ever you choose there is going to be advantages and disadvantages to both.

The temporary curtain rods usually consist of a spring loaded telescoping rod. You mount them by compressing the rod by hand, insert them in place as well as the spring pressure props up rod set up, in case you have measured correctly. They also have a rubber or plastic cap on both ends in the rod to hold from marring in the surface. These types of rods are great for short term use providing your curtains are certainly not fat, and they avoid getting tugged on. They are also ideal if you are renting and desire to damage the location where they’re mounted. One in the draw backs to temporary rods are that many times the curtains don’t slide smoothly if you open them because of the fact that they can most often have a step inside size in the rods where they slide together.

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On the opposite hand permanent curtain rods are simply that, permanent. They usually are mounted by driving in screws in which you want then located. And if you avoid getting them in which you would love you have screw holes to manage if you try to go them or want them disassembled. They usually consist of a hollow rod or tube that has being cut right length then it’s mounted on each side with wall mounts. These type of rods usually are much sturdier as opposed to temporary rods, which means you need not concern yourself with how heavy the curtains are, or whatever else that you just hang there.