Box Valance Curtains

Box Valance Curtains | Window treatments are probably the most critical accessories in room decor. With so many different styles, materials, shapes, colors, prints and patterns of shades, it may be quite confusing when attempting to determine which type is best for your own home. One type of window treatment that’s quite popular are curtain valances.

Curtain valances less complicated like curtain panels apart from length. These shorter versions of curtain panels tend to be utilized along with curtain panels however are also quite frequently used alone at the same time. Another style valance is one that comes coupled to the top of the curtain panel.

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Decorating with curtain valances is pretty simple yet quite effective in enhancing a room’s decor. One of the elements of most of these shades that is likely to vary will be the type of top they have. Tab tops are only tabs of cloth attached down the upper portion of the valance. They slip onto a curtain rod and they are about 4 inches long. The valance itself is usually from 14 to 16 inches long. Another style top will be the grommet top. Grommets are metal rings in the shape of donuts with holes in the center. These grommets are inserted in the top of the valance and also the curtain rod is weaved through them which gives a uniformed pleated look. A third style top will be the rod pocket. Rod pockets are openings inside the tops of curtain panels and valances that permit a rod to slip through and become concealed from the curtain, similar to a sleeve. There are also tie tops which are in the same way they sound; two ties that tie around the curtain rod as being a shoelaces.